Who We Are

Veronica and Mike Parker have 40 years combined experience in the mining industry in Africa, South and Central America, and Europe. Both are trilingual (English/Spanish/French). Veronica has a degree in Social Sciences and a Masters in French Languages. Originally from Arequipa, Peru, she brings knowledgeable insight and experience into operating environments in South and Central America, and Europe. Mike has a degree in Mining Geology and has extensive experience in project development and country management in challenging jurisdictions.

Their vision is to aid the integration of mining and other projects into the local, national, and global environments and to endow the clients with a robustness to meet the challenges of modern day mining.

Their home is St. Andrews in Scotland when they are not travelling extensively for work.

Jake Erickson studied International Relations and Business & Management at Knox College in the USA, and later obtained a Masters in Middle East, Caucasus, Central Asia Security Studies from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Exposure to extractive industry topics in studies at St Andrews and a meeting with Veronica and Mike Parker sowed the seeds of applying International Relations Theories to the mining world to meet the challenges confronting extractive industries.
His vision focuses on increasing the understanding of external factors that impact mine project pathways to promote responsible mining. His particular interests in mining span all regions of the globe.
He currently spends most of his time in the USA.