Enabling and Promoting Responsible Mining
About us: Mining Footprint’s mission is to enable and promote responsible mining. Our vision is grounded in the conviction that the energy transition and global development with lesser degradation can only be achieved with appropriate raw materials sourced responsibly. Our approach informs clients of what can be achieved in modern mining contexts.

We apply International Relations Theory to respond to the dynamic social world where mine projects operate - informing and understanding risks while providing pathways for long-term ESG-focused strategies to achieve optimal results.

Mining Footprint consults on a wide range of contexts from early project initiation to complex operational and political issues. Our expertise and language skills position us well in Latin America, francophone Africa, central and southern Africa, Europe and Australasia.

We offer:

Building long-term responsible mining strategies. Incorporating equitable stakeholder relationship policies, renewable energy potential in production and product profiles, and addressing resource scarcity in project environments.
Project Evaluation:
Assessing projects from multiple aspects to position clients favorably from early stage activities to preparation for medium to long-term management of complex social, political, and environmental issues.
Training and Events:
Cultivating individual and team understandings of the complex world they operate in while developing skills and strategies to optimize ESG management, political relations, and long-term stability focused on production.

International Relations Theory in the Mining World - a powerful lensIR Header What we Dojpg Modern International Relations Theory can facilitate the understanding of mining conflicts by offering a wide range of explanations based on empirical evidence. International Relations Theories have developed a holistic method of examining complex, systemic issues. Mining Footprint has combined mining and international relations expertise to create a powerful lens capable of providing new insights into extractive industries.

Stakeholders - and other important people!
People, groups, or organisations that can have an impact on operations or control access to resources are often outside the control of project managers. Traditional management control mechanisms fail and coordination is required - usually starting with a stakeholder analysis and forming a plan to enable the project to flourish in it's particular environment. Identifying and building alliances . From understanding communities to high-level government relations, Mining Footprint has alliance-building and other strategies that can help...…..

Renewables - Integrate and Innovate

CS WindjpgThe energy transition is a reality - and it can't be done without metals. Companies that don't strategize on this run the risk of being left behind. The gloves are off as the fossil fuel industry titans battle the renewables juggernauts. Price parity approaches, or exists already. Mining Footprint can assist with ideas to integrate your products into their proper place in the renewables mainstream, and combat ostracism or shareholder disdain by innovating renewables into your supply chain. 

Resource Scarcity and Competition - Water, Land, Infrastructure and More.....

Water scarcity is a reality and competition often initiates conflicts with stakeholders. Pressure from agriculture and utilisation of transport routes adds similar complexities. Challenging infrastructure and social conditions, often long-term and pre-dating the project, drive a sense of entitlement from stakeholders to compensation for poor socio-economic conditions. Mining Footprint can help companies adjust and adapt to meet these challenges which often pose a serious risk to the project...

Navigating the Mainstream Megatrends River
Over the last 5 decades the "mainstream megatrends" have coalesced into a gigantic current - pollution awareness, sustainability, energy transition, and recycling are all now expected traits and policies of modern companies*. Faced with complexities and information overload, many mining companies may be unsure of how to navigate these currents. Mining Footprint offers strategies that are not only designed to enable companies to survive in the Mainstream Megatrends River, but to flourish and build robustness for current and future trends shaping the way we do business....

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